Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Welcome to Inclusiva's Little Big Business Blog!

Meet Inclusiva and the LBBB

I’m proud to announce the launch of Inclusiva Strategies.  Inclusiva is a holistic business coaching practice aimed at creative small business owners and artists who want to transform their craft into a viable and meaningful enterprise. 

This is a new type of business coaching firm that helps creative business owners, artists and other aspiring entrepreneurs grow or launch their venture based on clearly defined values and goals.  Rather than limiting or diluting their craft, the structure and strategic planning that comes from the coaching process actually frees them to be more creative and innovative.

The Little Big Business Blog (LBBB) will be the primary sounding board for Inclusiva.  It will be a place I can share resources, insights, tips, news, and musings about the world of creative small businesses and startups.  
Why Business Coaching
My interest in business coaching started when I volunteered as a business advisor for a wonderful organizational in Oakland called Centro Community Partners, which provides business training to low-income entrepreneurs. Inclusiva, meanwhile, is designed to empower creative professionals like artists, cooks, musicians, designers, engineers and others with the tools they need to make the craft they love a rewarding business endeavor. 

I care deeply about and believe in this work.  It draws upon many of my strengths and allows me to apply my interdisciplinary education.  I believe Inclusiva will make a difference not only in the lives of my clients, their families and employees, but also more broadly, by helping to bring a wide variety of new products, services and jobs into the economy.  I hope it will serve as a model for a new type of business coaching that can be make an impact throughout the Bay Area and beyond. 

To learn more or to get in touch, please view the Inclusiva website here, and follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. 

-Jacob Gelfand

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