Tuesday, January 7, 2014

A Little Big News

It's always a pleasure to have some good news to share at the start of a New Year.  

I’m excited to announce that as of this week, I will be starting a new full-time position as the Manager of Small Business services at the SF LGBT Community Center aka The Center!  In this role I will be responsible for one-on-one business coaching, consulting and mentoring for local entrepreneurs, teaching a recurring 6-week funding workshop, managing a credit-building microlending program, developing new content, programs and events, cultivating partnerships for the organization, etc.  I look forward to collaborating with a cross-functional team of colleagues who specialize in personal financial counseling, employment services, economic development and other program areas. 

The work that lies ahead for me at The Center stands at the intersection of several of my core passions: entrepreneurship, economic development and social justice.  It's a privilege to join an organization doing such vital work to empower LGBT professionals with the tools they need to realize their dreams.  

Like many great opportunities, this one materialized and progressed quickly.  I sensed that this role would be a natural extension and evolution not only of the work that I've done under the banner of Inclusiva Strategies, but also previously in my career.  As time permits, I will continue to pursue other projects -- i.e., working with Inclusiva clients, teaching workshops (including my upcoming appearance at General Assembly), advising Glamping Hub and volunteering for Centro Community Partners

I owe copious gratitude to my incredible wife Joely, along with my family, friends, colleagues and mentors for all of their love, support and encouragement as I continue to pursue my passion for growing businesses, training leaders and strengthening local economies.  Many thanks to Rebecca Rolfe, Eugenie Fitzgerald and the rest of the team at The Center for entrusting me with this exciting opportunity. 

More details and updates are sure to follow as my work at The Center gets off the ground.