Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Leadership Workshop at General Assembly

Image courtesy of General Assembly
There's a lot more to leadership than how many social media followers you have, the title on your business card or the number of decimal points in your bank statement.  

Money, technology, and good ideas can only take us so far as entrepreneurs and creators. Effective leadership and interpersonal skills remain the most pivotal and indispensable resources for any business venture. Time and again they prove to be intrinsic part of any professional role, even if that role isn't explicitly a leadership position, and even more important for entrepreneurs and professionals looking to move their careers to the next level. 

Far too often, the task of leading and managing others leaves us feeling awkward, uncomfortable, even overwhelmed. It can feel like a magical talent or a DNA sequence reserved for a select few -- i.e., not us. To really learn and internalize what it takes to be a leader, reading "The Art of War" on the toilet just isn't going to cut it. 

That's why, at General Assembly in San Francisco on Saturday July 27, I'll be leading a hands-on workshop that offers helpful strategies and frameworks to take your leadership toolkit to the next level. Using a combination of informative presentations, examples, and team exercises, the session will help you leverage your own style and personality to evolve as a professional decision-maker, communicator, and motivator.

For more info, visit General Assembly or email me: coach@inclusivastrategies.com