Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Inclusiva's Workshop Madness Coming November 2013 (UPDATED)

Inclusiva workshops are blowing up!  My calendar for November is quickly filling up with wall-to-wall classes focused on highly valuable and widely applicable topics to help take your professional skills and expertise to the next level.  

Here’s the (growing) list of upcoming workshops that I’ll be teaching at venues in San Francisco and Oakland in the upcoming weeks: 

November 2 @ CoLearn / Citizen Space
The Art of Negotiation and Conflict Management

Let's make a deal!  Always a crowd-pleaser, this hands-on training camp of negotiation and conflict resolution techniques will take you from zero to hero.  In response to demand, I'm debuting a longer format this time around that will leave even more time for practicing your newly minted skills in simulated negotiations and conflict exercises.  If your goal is get more of what you want in negotiations and less of what you don't want in conflict situations, you owe it to yourself to take this course.

November 5 @ Impact Hub Oakland (RECENTLY ADDED!!!)
Get Crowdy: The Entrepreneur's Guide to Crowdfunding 

This just in...my lively, illuminating introduction to the wonderful world of crowd finance is coming to the new Impact Hub space in Oakland on November 5!  Whether you're an entrepreneur looking to leverage your networks to finance your endeavor or a creator hoping to fund your next project, this quick, 2-hr workshop will bring you up to speed on everything you need to know to execute a successful campaign. Is it just me, or is it getting crowdy in here?

November 9 @ CoLearn / Citizen Space

Money, technology and good ideas can only take us so far. When push comes to shove, it's skillful leaders who make awesome things happen.  Leadership and interpersonal dynamics prove time and again to be crucial yet too often misunderstood skills for entrepreneurs, business owners and other professionals.  Don't doubt yourself.  Leadership skills can be learned and the impact is undeniable.

November 16 @ CoLearn / Citizen Space

Jerry Maguire doesn't need to yell "show me the money!" anymore because these days it's everywhere if you know how and where to for it.  The world of fundraising is changing like never before and this course will guide you through the process of raising money to finance your business or creative project, 21st century-style.  Come learn why I've been getting rave reviews for this informative and super-helpful course.

November 21 @ Tech Liminal

Got stress?  Excellent!  That tells me you're a human being and not a robot impostor; it also means that this workshop is perfect for you!  This workshop offers practical tips and strategies that will change your relationship to time and help make your work more efficient and rewarding. This is a new topic for Inclusiva, one that offers a ton of valuable content for professionals of all types, in addition to entrepreneurs and business owners.  

December 14 @ General Assembly

Image courtesy of General Assembly
Back by popular demand!  I debuted this topic back in July, and it continues to strike a chord.  I've included this topic in my three-workshop series at Citizen Space, and it'll be making a triumphant return to General Assembly.  I'm excited to reprise this fun, rewarding workshop for leaders and managers of all types and stripes.   

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